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Plus a video source must be defined and the two must be connected under the Input Connections section of the backend configuration menu. I am running spdif with nvidia I searched for ‘ALC alsa’ and found the answer on the alsa-user mailing list: There seems so be a bug in the EIT code in myth-backend. Opening DVB frontend device failed. Obvious perhaps, but make sure that the ends of your cables are firmly in place!

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Additional options, including details on using a PPA or installing the drivers directly from NVidia, are available here. I searched for ‘ALC alsa’ and found the answer on the alsa-user mailing list: MythBuntu docs are in PDF but the! Once you have your system upgraded, you should see the outputs 8.01 in alsamixer that you want to use. The PDF documents describe the install just fine but say almost nothing about the configuration. DebianUbuntu Origin: See this link if you have this Problem.

So the keyboard of the netbook would act as the keyboard and remote for the main frontend. It can be used to install a standalone frontend, backend, or combination machines. Replacing the cabling made an improvement to the picture quality, but it wasn’t perfect. If you want to read PDFs with your! All times nnvidia GMT If you are running Fedora, remove pulseaudio and all its files. Pioneer DVD single layer burner Case: Strange, it doesnt mention that in the logs this time.


MythBuntu system you must install a PDF reader. For older driver versions or installations without nvidia-xconfig installed, one will have to manually edit their xorg.

If you want the gory details, see Highly Technical Details. Debian also has packages available to install the driver. I use OpenSuse and tried to use Yast2, but for some reason mythbunntu was not able to save the changes. I’ll replace it this weekend and see how it goes.

No Sound w/NVidia GT, SB Audigy2 ZS in Mythbuntu/Mythdora

Mythbuntu uses Xfce as its default desktop and provides a graphical Control Centre to configure the system. This happens only if audio has to be decoder by the frontend e. Either change the TVStandard see above to match the frequency, nviida change the frequency to match the video standard.

At the end of a long thread on the mythtv-users list about this problem a potential fix was posted which should apply to any distro. Where you make the changes depends on your distribution.

Note that additional patches in the thread nivdia necessary to enable GT support and proper compiling.


Digital Audio Tutorial

Upgrading broke one of my systems so you might do this only if needed. See the discussion thread surrounding this post. Opening DVB frontend device failed. You should see output summarizing the video devices on the system, including available drivers, as in:.

Finally got the Nvidiia working. Maybe I should run the frontend abit faster than just mhz. Please do not let the closing of this ticket dissuade you from opening a new ticket if this or any other problem occurs with the newer versions. Use these tests to determine if the problem is in the hardware, the config file, or the program.

Is this something that there’s a workaround for, or should I just resign myself to not having sound as long as I’m using an Nvidia graphics card? Some TVs have settings to deal with this and in other cases you need to deal it with the computer.


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