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Further information on a SANE backend for these scanners can be found here. Walk round the corner and collect scanner 6. Currently not supported by any SANE backend. Will this be corrected in the next upgrade? More information, downloads and a full list of supported devices can be found at the SourceForge homepage here. On the C aka CA and the sj

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The Ubuntu Kernel Team is planning hl move to the 2. Penalver penalvch on I am not so lucky as Patricio see joined screenshot as there is no difference between sudo and not sudo as it seems? This information was last pulled 18 hours ago. This topic has been archived.

Last edited by Malibyte; at I stopped the scan with ctrl-C Is there a configuration file that only impacts the hpC? ScanJet C works for me on Intrepid but scanning on it crashes xsane.

It doesn’t work in Hardy. I will download the next test releases, but can only try it from the Live CDs.


Does anyone know how to tell the updater to ignore this package? By the way, I see one post that says that there is no update to make the ScanJet C work with Vista. This scanner apparently does support the HP SCL, however it requires a firmware download in order to operate 630c0 therefore does not work under Linux. BB code is On.

[sane-devel] HP sane backend w/ HP Scanjet 6300C + ADF (USB) error

This wasn’t resolved upstream, unfortunately. However today I thought I’d try again.

Message 3 of 9. As you see I tried a couple of times.

Can’t set up scanner HP scanjet c (solved)

Could not find ‘drkonqi’ executable. Patricio patricio-stwing wrote on It may not be included in the SANE distribution and expect some issues getting it working and with the 6300c of the scanned images.

I assume, since it’s using libusb, I don’t have to specify another device file for it kinux use. Since i have the same uname -a and the same version-signature, i dont post them. The scanner is also supported by the Plustek backend at http: What am I missing here in able to allow my regular user to access the scanner?


I’m back to 2. It sure is nice to finally have my scanner working again. It seems like an “ignore”-action until no one owns this device any more There will be difficulties with getting it working and issues linus the quality of the scanned images.

Data widths greater than 8 bits Custom gamma table does not work. Are there any changes — good or bad — with the current SVN version? The Hardy Heron Alpha2 release will be coming out soon around Dec Using my hp I did: Hardware for all is: Installing software is a PITA with linux!!


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